Sustainability is not an afterthought at EasyStreet Online Services – it's a core value. The information technology company's newest data center is the most energy-efficient co-location facility in the region and is the result of years of research and design.

Compared to traditional data centers, the facility saves enough electricity to power 153 average households per year while operating at maximum load. An extensive rainwater capture and filtering system uses supplemental city water only when necessary, and rainwater alone cools the data center most of the year.

Said Rich Bader, EasyStreet president and CEO, "EasyStreet has a long-standing commitment to sustainable IT practices. It is part of our mission statement and our culture. So we made the decision to offset 100 percent of the electricity, natural gas and water we consume, keeping the carbon footprint for our data center operations as low as possible. Smart Energy from NW Natural is a meaningful way for individuals and businesses to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions."